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With the serial letter assistant messages like advertising letters can be automated sent to divers contacts by email or postal mail.


1. Preparation of the letter

First a document template for the letter will be created in the text template administration. With placeholders the address of the contacts will be filled in. The letter can contain static text, pictures, tables,... and can be freely designed. When the template is finalised it has to be saved and the text template administration can be closed.


Creation of a document template for serial letter assistant

Creation of a document template for serial letter assistant


2. Selection of the contacts

Serial letters will be sent to a predefined selection of contacts. The selection can contain:

When a letter is to be sent to contacts in e.g. different areas, it's recommended to create a contact folder, to group the contacts. Therefor the first contacts will be selected by the filters and thex will be assigned to a contact folder. Afterwards the next contacts will be selected and also assigned to that folder as long as all contacts are assigned.


3. Start serial letter assistant

After all is prepared, the serial letter assistant can be started with the button  from icon bar in the contacts list view.

In the appearing window all configuration and the selection of the contacts is made.


Document template The template that was created for this letter has to be selected from drop-down list.
Log entry

An entry can be set to the "Documents and notes" view of the contacts to retrace in future, if and when a serial letter was sent to the single contact.

without No entry will be created
Note A note will be created with name and timestamp of the serial letter.
Document The document itself will be stored at the contact. (Attention: With a multitude of contacts, with complex letters, e.g. with many pictures, a huge data volume will be created.)
Contacts selection

Possible selection:

  • All marked contacts in the contact list
  • All shown contacts in the contact list
  • Contacts of a single group
  • Contacts of a single area
  • Contacts with same contact type
  • Contacts that are grouped in contact folders

With the sorting it can be defined in which order the letters will be printed, respectively sent.

As in selection The sorting is as it is shown in the list view.
by zip code For huge amounts of advertising letters mail service providers offer low priced marketing products. for some of these products a sorting of the letters by zip code is requested.
by name The sorting will be ascending by the name of the contacts.
by matchcode The sorting will be ascending by the matchcode of the contacts.

If the message should be sent to the contacts by email all neccessary settings has to be made here.
By default the emails will be sent to the address that is stored in the contact details. Contacts, where the email address is missing don't receive the message. Optionally for those contacts the message can be printed to send it with postal mail. For this the checkbox has to be activated.

For subject a significant text should be chosen. Attention: emails without subject often are classified as spam and will not be noticed be the receipient.

Attachments like PDf documents can be added to the email.

The text can be the selected document template (transfered to HTML) or a free text from text template administration.


Settings for serial letter

Settings for serial letter


After all configuration is set, the result can be checked by a preview.

In the icon bar you can browse in the single letters or you can choose the preview of a certain contact by selection of his matchcode. This makes sense for a neccessary reprint of a letter in case of paper jam of the printer. 


Preview of a serial letter

Preview of a serial letter


When there are no problems or mistakes are visible in the print preview, the print or email transmission can be started with the buttons in the icon bar.

For print outs a dialogue appears where the printer is to be selected. You can also define from / to which data record the print out shall be executed. A step-by-step printing is recommended for huge print jobs to not block the printer for a long time.

When all messages are printed / sent the serial letter assistant can be closed.

In the single contact data records a log entry is created when defined.


Log entry for serial letter in contacts details

Log entry for serial letter in contacts details



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