Combined payments
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Customers who frequently order and appropriate frequently receive invoices, often combine single invoices to one payment. This combined payment can simply be spread to the open invoices, without open each single invoice.

The tool combined payments can be opened from projects list view after the open invoices were selected. With button a separate form is opened, where all selected invoices are listed.


Open invoices of a combined payment

Open invoices of a combined payment


If invoices of multiple customers were selected, those are displayed grouped by customer. To capture the combined payment the payment date and the amount has to be entered into the related fields. Also the payment method needs to be chosen from drop-down list. 

Afterwards the payment amount is spread to the open invoices by buttons:


The payment amount is spread till it's exploited starting at the oldest invoices. Der Zahlbetrag wird beginnend bei der ältesten Rechnung so lange verteilt, bis der Betrag ausgeschöpft ist. Partial amounts or complete invoices might stay open.
The payment amount is spread percentaged to all displayed invoices. Partial amounts might stay open.


Cash discounts can be considered or ignored at all or just for single invoices. 

Below the invoices list the sums are calculated and cross checked with entered payment.


Spread payment started at the oldest invoice

Spread payment started at the oldest invoice


With the button all displayed invoices can be set to fully paid. A possibly entered payment amount is ignored. Instead of that, the total amount of all displayed open invoices is supposed as payment amount, only reduced by possible cash discounts or previous partial payments.


With confirmation of the form by clicking the OK button the payments will finally be registered in the invoices. If the inputs should be dropped, the process needs to be aborted.