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In "project time recording" project bound working times can be logged. The gapless recording ensures a correct accounting of all delivered services for the customer.


The project time recording can further be used for the scheduling of the employees and the teams. The recording and overview takes place optionally either in the list the calendar.

Project time recording list view

Project time recording list view


The entries are highlighted with different colors according to their accounting state:


Green Settled
Red Not settled
Blue Customer goodwill - Not billable
Grey Internal management - Not billable
Yellow Sales rep activity


Via the toolbar, the following functions are available: 


Displays all data sets according to the filter settings.
Limits the display to the marked data sets.
Adds a new project entry / date
Duplicates the marked project entry / date 
Deletes the marked project entry / date
Closes the module
Open the changelog for administrators (user right required)
Opens the commission management 
Opens the team administration
Various print reports / opens print report designer
Exports list view to Microsoft Excel


Summary of one or several entries 


For a time entry marked in the list, a summary can be shown via the small triangle at the bottom in the list view.

It is divided in details about the project time and details about the commissioning. Duration of a singular data set, its description and the total of the whole commission, contrasting of the planned work and the actual work, are displayed.


Detail view / summary of selected time entry

Detail view / summary of selected time entry