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In the rubric "project documents", the different project stati are administrated. Counter and by default printing template are defined.  



Definition of the project documents

Definition of the project documents



Via the toolbar, the following functions are available:


Adds a new project document  
Deletes the marked project document.


The characteristics of a project documents are opened through double-clicking on the document. The window opens automatically, if a new project is created.  



Creation of a project document

Creation of a project document



Definition of the single configuration parameters:  


Project type derived from Selection list There are 6 different, logical project types: quotation, order confirmation, invoice, delivery note, credit note and purchase order.  For each project type any number of documents can be created, of which each is assigned an own counter and printing template. That way, e.g. a standard and a cash transaction invoice can be defined.
Project title Simple input field Individual name of the project document.
Convert project Button

Via the button, another window opens, in which presettings can be defined, for which project document the currently processed shall be converted + other related functions.




These option only constitute a predefinition during the conversion and can be modified with each conversion.

Project template Selection list Selection of a project template from the text templates, which shall be used as standard template for this project document. Within the projects themselves, a differing template can be selected, if necessary.  
Save project at creation Checkbox Security option, through the document is saved at creation.
Counter interval Selection list Selection, in which interval the counter shall start from the beginning. Possible  settings: continuously, yearly, monthly, daily. ,
Date mask Simple input field A document number can only consist of one counter or the values of the actual date and fixed values can be added optionally. The date part can be  with the letter combination DD for day, MM for month, YY for the year (in two signs) and YYYY for the complete year.
Counter mask Simple input field

In the mask for the counter it is defined, how many digits a number shall have. A fixed number of digits is described with a zero (0), a variable number with #.

For #0000 - always four fixed digits are displayed and, if needed, a fifths, e.g. 0002, 0158, 11570.

Document no mask Simple input field

In the mask document number, the complete numbers constructed (from the date, counter and potentially other signs). The single preset parts are written as placeholders in curly brackets. {date part} and {counter}, additional signs are inserted directly in the respective place. E.g. Q{date part}/{counter}.

The single masks can also be inserted direly: e.g. Q{YYYYMM}/{#0000}.

Last counter access Disabled input field In the field "last counter access" it is logged, when a project document was created last and the number counted up accordingly.  
Last value Protected input field The last value shows, which counter the last created document has received. Via double.clicking on the field name, the value can  be modified e.g. if a document has been created and accidentally deleted.