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Via the online price information, the (end customer) list prices for selected products can be queried quickly and easily.

The invocation of an article to be queried takes place via predefined buttons, which can be freely added to the web template or by direct call. For the shortcut, the matchcode of the article is appended to the URL.

The price information is available via URL:Port/INFO/, an article with matchcode "rollershutter" is accessed via URL:Port/INFO/rollershutter.


Online price info

Online price info


For the sake of clarity and for specific provision to the customer group "end customer" the price information contains no further functions, but really only the price inquiry. No project document is created in the database, etc. Conceivable follow-up actions would be the sending of a request form.


The online price information can be operated on a separate web server as a separate website or inserted via iFrame into any (corporate) website.