Inventory management list view
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The inventory management enables a fast recording of the stock within an inventory. The inventory bookings can be executed collectively for numerous articles.


Inventory management list view

Inventory management list view


Via the toolbars, the following functions are available:


Display all inventory documents according to the set filters.
Limit display to the marked inventory documents,.
Create a new inventory document.
Copy the marked inventory document.
Delete the marked inventory document.
Close module
List view print, resp. creation and print of individual reports.
Export list view to Microsoft Excel


In inventory management list view the following filters are used:


Executed Permanent filter Through double-clicking, the filter, a colored icon (resp. grey Icon) is set. Takes into account, if the booking of the stock values has been executed or not yet.
Date from / till Permanent filter For limiting the displayed inventory documents according to their booking date.
Doc Immediate filter Limitation of the display according to the names of the inventory documents. The name begins by default with "inventory"but can be changed individually e.g. in order to group different documents of the same year (e.g. "inventory 2019").