Stock monitor
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In the stock monitor all postings - automatic and manual - are summarized and actual stock balance is calculated.


Stock monitor of an article

Stock monitor of an article


In the stock monitor the following additional functions are available in the ribbon bar:

Make a manual stock post.
Refresh of the list view of the stock postings.
from Filter the list of stock postings by date - from
to Filter the list of stock postings by date - to
Group Group the list of automatic stock postings by single line item, project or day.


In the area status the following values are displayed:

Stock balance The balance is calculated from the quantity of the last inventory + Der Bestand ergibt sich aus: Menge der letzten Inventur + later receipts - later consumptions
Ordered Here all amounts of all open (= not delivered) purchase orders are sumarized.
Reserved Sum of the reserved quantities in project documents
Last inventory Date and time of the last inventory
Stock movements Number of all stock movements of the article

The values will be updated after click on the refresh button  in ribbon bar.


Manual stock posting

A manual stock posting can be made at any time.

For a receipt of goods "In/out" is to select and a positive quantity has to be entered.

For a consumption of goods "In/out" is to select and a negative quantity has to be entered.

For an inventory booking "Inventory posting" needs to be selected. A value >= 0 needs to be entered.

For individual reports a different price compared to the stored price can be entered. This will not be taken over to the article prices. The date of the posting can be set freely, the actual date at 12:00 o'clock high noon is presetted. In the field reference a free note can be entered, e.g. a note about the delivery documents, invoice,...


Manual stock posting of an article

Manual stock posting of an article


Automatic stock postings

Automatic stock postings are postings that are done from project documents and purchase orders. Whether a stock posting is made is dependant from the configuration of each single article.

In the order parameters the checkbox "automatic stock keeping" needs to be activated.

The posting from project will be executed, when the checkbox "Reserved" or "Stock booked" is activated. Reservations don't reduce the stock balance and can already be made for quote documents. The consumption posting "Stock booked" can only be set in documents of type order confirmation. This posting reduces the stock balance.

With double click on a single consumption entry the linked project document is opened.