Commission detail view
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When creating  a new commission or when modifying an existing commission, it opens in the detail view.



Commission detail view

Commission detail view


The concretisation of the commission proceeds within the singular fields:


Category Selection list In order to group them, the commissions can be assigned to a category. Categories are defined individually in the program settings / selection lists.
Commission name Protected input field Distinct name of the commission.
Duration Date fields / calendar-Pop-up Time in which work shall be executed on the commission. Time entries / appointments can be recorded here.
Only contact Search field

Assignment of a contact, through whom the accounting shall proceed later.

Show warnings? Checkbox If this checkbox is active, a warning appears as soon a commission is near by utilization.
Commission active? Checkbox If this checkbox is active, time entries /  dates can be created on this commission.
Description Simple input field Informative detailed description of the commission,
Planned work Simple input field Determination, how much time the work on the commission may take.
Hourly rate Simple input field For individual print reports and analyses an hourly rate can be deposited for the commission. If the field is not filled manually, the standard value "flat rate" is used.
Fulfillment Protected fields In the field for the fulfillment of the commission, times that have been booked on this commission already are added and contrasted with the planned work.