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In the calendar view, all time entries are displayed corresponding to the filters in a wall chart. Above each time entry lies a tool tip with further details of the data set. Those are displayed as soon as the cursor points on the entry. Additionally to the calendar itself is the area "project assignment" on the right and the area "tasks" at the bottom. Both areas can be shown, hidden or modified in their size via the respective splitter.


Calendar view of the project times

Calendar view of the project times


 Besides the regular functions of the time recording, the following functions are available in the calendar view:


Turns page one day/one week /one month back
Switches display to one day  
Switches display to one working week
Switches display to one  month
Switches display to chronicle
Turns page one day/one week /one month forward


The data sets displayed are highlighted with colors corresponding to their status:


Status filter

Red font not settled time entry
Green font settled time entry
Grey font Internal organization - not billable
Blue font customer goodwill - not billable
Yellow font Sales rep activity


Date / appointment

Red bar The date is fix.
Green bar Flexible date, small modifications are possible.
Grey bar Planned date is not confirmed yet.


The time entries displayed for the user in the calendar are defined via the filter "resources".

Selection of the resources to be displayed

Selection of the resources to be displayed


Each user can view exactly his entries. If entries have been made for teams he is part of, those are displayed as well. Team or project leaders can have the appointments of several users or teams be displayed for them. It is also possible to open several calendar views at the same time in order to contrast team and user schedule.  

Create a new time entry/ date

A new time entry can be added in different ways:


Via project asignment a project can be moved via drag&drop to the desired place in the calendar in order to create a project time entry for this project with the assigned contact.

Which project documents appear in the selection, is determined via the button  Add and  Delete. The selection is additionally limited via a date filter.