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New and changed user rights

101220 Contacts - View XML document import

101230 Contacts - Modification of XML document import

350120 Projects - save project as file attachment

352000 Projects - View field info

1001400 System functions - configuration logistics GLS


New placeholders

New placeholder type RTF-script for output of RTF texts (formatted texts), that were build by scripts


ItemStockPostingButton - current positions stock posting, colored by booking status, changeable with double click

CustomerB2BAddress - Customer B2B address (of the dealer's end customer)


Placeholder for the separate presentation of labor costs on invoices to private persons for the deduction of craftsman services in the tax return.

See Identification of labor and material costs in the program settings and in the article details.


New part lists functions

Conf_Help(string sHelp_Url)
Extensions of the Conf commands (Conf, Conf_Checkbox, Conf_Integer, Conf_Number, Conf_Dropdown, Conf_Combobox, Conf_Text, Conf_Title, Conf_Section) with the optional parameter Help_Url.

When pressing function key F1 in the part list the stored web URL will be opened.


Checking several VarNotNull variables separated by semicolons in measurement sheets

Measurement sheet command '<ProveArea VarNotNull="…">'

Measurement sheet command 'distinct' ignores upper case lower case


New script events and APIs

Module Others, Script AfterOpen – The script will be executed for all windows when opening.

Module Web, Skript B2BResetPassword – Script for implementation of the password reset button on the B2B Login webpage

Module Texttemplates, Skript GetWatermark – The script is called when printing or file saving a project document and inserts a background image into the document.


New Modules

Module Beschreibung Documentation
Logistics Connection to delivery services for the calculation of delivery costs and for electronic transmission and tracking of delivery data Logistics
Calendar synchronisation Synchronisation of the ingenious calendar with Microsoft Exchange Calendar synchronization
Generic order import Import of customers order data for automatic project creation On request


Bigger functional extensions

Function Documentation
Supplier information in the contact details Supplier information
Global company holidays Company holidays
Creation of an order filling purchase order out of an order / contract Commission order
Automatic watermark on project documents Watermark


Bigger functional extensions in the web modules

Function Documentation
Multi items in the WEB module for the sales rep access Sales rep access
Multi items in the B2B module for the dealer access Dealer ordering system
Single view, label print and quick login in the PPS Workstation configuration / Paperless production Webpages
Logistics in the PPS On request


Several smaller extensions



Several smaller extensions in the web modules