Extensions 2018-2019
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New and changed user rights

100010 - Contacts - Open

200010 - Articles - Open

200162 - Articles - Correct stock bookings

300010 - Sales - View quotations

310010 - Production - View order confirmation

320010 - Logistics - View delivery notes

330010 - Invoicing - View invoices and credit notes

350530 - Projects - Change list price

350050 - Projects - Change document name

400010 - Purchasing - Purchase order open

1000500 - System functions - View Changelog

1000510 - System functions - Configure Changelog


New Placeholders

Picture-script placeholder


New part list functions

CalcColumnNotNull on measurment sheets - As for columnnotnull the line-section will be faded out when a column is empty or "0". calccolumnnotnull is checked after complete evaluation of the placeholders within the line-section, whereas this is checked before for columnnotnull (this is faster)

TRIM(text) - Removes space characters from the start and the end of a text.  


New Script events and APIs

Project list - BeforeSendMail - Before sending an email from the projects and purchase orders detail and list view (Button "send PDF")

Project list - AfterSendMail - After sending an email from the projects and purchase orders detail and list view (Button "send PDF")

Items - AfterChange - After each change of a project item


API-Function GetProjectPDF - for printig a project into a PDF file


New Modules

Module Description Documentation
Project and item entry with Barcodescanner Using barcode scanners, projects and orders can be created and items added On request
Changelog Recording of selected data changes Changelog


Bigger functional extensions

Function Documentation
Part list warnings on project documents Create a new project
Price history Price history
Default settings in part lists / configurators Part list default settings
Buttons on Main modules lists Administration of list views


Bigger functional extensions in the web modules

Function Documentation
View Partlist.sWarning Sales rep access
Mailing from B2B Dealer ordering system
Custompages Dealer ordering system
Contactlist Notes Sales rep access
PDF print Sales rep access and Dealer ordering system


Several smaller extensions