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New user rights

New user right 311300 - Production - Show production status in project

New user right 311310 - Production - Change production status in project

New user right 350520 - Projects - activate/deactivate SP2

New user right 650000 - Production planning - Module access

New user right 650100 - Production planning - Create working station

New user right 650200 - Production planning - Modify working station

New user right 650300 - Production planning - Delete working station

New user right 651100 - Production planning - Modify working plan


New placeholders

{CustomerContactPerson} / {KdAnsprechpartner} - Contact person in the contact

{ItemPlainRTFText} / {PosEinfacherRTFText} - Project item RTF text without formating

{ItemUnitAmount} / {PosEinheitsMenge} - Project item amount in item unit (e.g. 60 [m], for project item with quantity 10, size 600)

{ItemUnit2Amount} / {PosEinheitsMenge2} - Project item amount in the smaller item unit (e.g. 6000 [cm], for project item with quantity 10, size 600)


New part list functions

WebControl(Name, Control, Title, Description, Image, Tooltip, HTMLTemplate)

Checklist variable "Context" contains the values "B2B", "B2C" oder "INFO" depending on the web context


New Script events

AfterOpenAddress, AfterChangeAddress and BeforeSaveAddress - Contact addresses open, change, save

AfterPrintReport (all lists) - this group of scripts is executed after printing reports (except combined reports).

Project BeforeCombine - before combining projects, can abort the action if necessary


New modules 

Module Description Documentation
PPS Production planning system on request


Bigger functional extensions 

Funktion Dokumentation
Capacity planning - Resource planning Capacity planning
Accounting debit export Program settings - Financial account report
Storage of printer settings in text templates Text templates administration
Placeholder - Userfield Text temapltes administration - Project templates
Possibility to extend the create project item menu in projects Program settings - Projects and reminders


Several smaller extensions