Extensions 2016-2017
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New user rights

New user right 200180 for reviewing documents of an item

New user right 200185 for modification of documents of an item


New placeholders

{CustomerAddrState} - {KdStaat} - State of the contact's address

{InAddrState} – {RgStaat} - State of the invoice address

{DelAddrState} – {ObjektStaat} - State of the delivery address

{ItemCalculatedNet} – {PosCGP} - Calculated sales price

{ItemConversion} – {PosUmrechnung} - Conversion of the sales price

{ItemPPConversion} – {PosEKUmrechnung} - Conversion of the purchase price

{Logo_B2B} – {Logo_B2B} - B2B contact logo 


New part list functions

up (Rounding up to decimal separator)

down (Rounding down to decimal separator)


New Script events

BeforeSaveWeb (Saving contacts and projects)

BeforeSavePayment (Saving payments)

AfterDataCollection (Capacity planning – after searching for projects)

OnDispositionDoubleClick (Capacity planning – disposition of projects)


New modules

Module Description Documentation
B2B and sales rep web module Enables access for sales reps to contact and project data via web site + Online tool for dealers to calculate and order parts and configured products with customer related prices and own surcharges B2B and sales rep web module
Peachtree export Internface to export contact data, invoices and payments from ingenious to peachtree on request
Quickbooks export Interface to export contact, item, payment and purchase data and inventory positings (BOM) from ingenious to Quickbooks on request
Inventory postings by barcodescanner Execute inventory postings and and in/out bookings with barcodescanner Inventory postings by barcodescanner


Bigger functional extensions

Function Documentation
Documents and notes in the item module Documents and notes of the articles
New CRM View for incoming receipts per contact CRM information
Autologin the ingenious Client that runs the scheduler Scheduler
Combined payments for projects Combined payments
Extension of the inventory posts view in projects with order filling items; lines are colored blue Inventory posting
Displaying priceinfo for part lists in projects Price info in the projects
Implementation of global settings for scheduler log (max. number, max. age) Scheduler
Availability of patterns in picture scripts Stored picture scripts
Read only detail views for locked data sets The detail views
Templates for customer related special prices for standard adjustment and administration of conditions for customer groups Special price templates
Copy list views and release to other users Administration of list views


Diverse smaller extensions