Extensions 2015- 2016
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New user rights

New user rights for opening read-only views of the modules contacts, articles, projects, and purchase orders.
New user right 345550 for deleting and modifying already exported payments.


New placeholders

{ItemStockPosting} and {ItemStockCalc} for the stock booking in purchasing.
{CustomerNo} and {RepresentativeNo} for the use in project counters.


New part list functions 

test(variable;“standard value“) - for checking, if a variable is available. 


New modules

Module Description Documentation
Capacity planning Wall chart for contrasting the available capacities and those used in assignments:  moving assignments at overload. Capacity planning
Commission management Accounting of representative commissions   in process
Payments Combined recording and analysis at a central location: 
- incoming payments for invoices
- outgoing payments for incoming receipts
- payments without internal assignments (e.g. cash receipts)


Larger extensions of functions

Function Documentation
Combine project documents / Create combined invoices Combine project documents
New Print report type Article statistic Article statistic
Manual administration of project history   Miscellaneous Project data
New preview view for the insertion of free texts in project documents  Free texts
Presetting of the search fields of the main modules Search
Datev-export with separate revenue accounts The Fibu data manager/ finance account report
Extended detail views for the main modules for the fade in of documents, notes, and file attachments on the first detail page. Detail views
Email import and display at the contact  in process
Transfer of connected data of a contact to another (e.g. file attachments) contacts data transfer
Parts offer: Conversion of an offer with part list positions in an offer with single pieces of part lists. in process
Recording of part payments in incoming receipts   Receipt entry payments
Enabling a commission order on project level  in process


Various smaller extensions


Extension of the function for copy-pasting positions via Ctrl-shift and Ctrl+V


During copying positions from one project to another, the user can decide in which form special positions shall be inserted.

As special positions count the alternative positions and the optional positions.

When copying from one offer to another, the special forms can be maintained, the positions can be converted in "normal" positions or the positions can be omitted.

During copying from one offer to a higher project type, in which alternatives and options are not available, special forms cannot be maintained (this option is not available). The original positions can be converted in "normal" position or can be omitted.