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Especially within a network installation, it is recommended to create an own access for each user. Through this,  

When the user administration is opened, all general data of the user who is currently logged in are displayed. In the navigation area on the left, on the one hand, all users in their assigned groups are listed with their names and logins in square brackets. User who are currently logged in are displayed in green. Through clicking on the respective names one can switch between the single users. The detail view always refers to the currently selected user. 

It can be further switched between "miscellaneous", "user rights" and "report rights" here.


 User administration


In the user administration the following functions are available via the toolbar:


Create a new user
Create a new user group
Change the password of the selected user
Disable selected user
Reset rights of the selected user
Assign the rights of one user to another
Delete selected user
Save changes for selected user
Close module user administration