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With the Accounting export manager you start the export of the sales figures to the accountancy program Datev. In the export manager, you can choose in which format and for which time span the data is exported and where the export file will be saved. These values ​​are preset according to the configuration in the program settings.


Selection of the FIBU export options

Selection of the FIBU export options


All invoices and credit items with the status "completed" are incorporated in the export. The booking of revenues depends on the configurations. Those will be either be booked on the billing account of the article (target format: differentiated billing accounts) or the billing account of the project (target format: unified billing account), respectively, always on the standard account unless otherwise configurated or the account of the article or the project are not within the range of allowable accounts.


Target formats

Standard billing account With this configuration, the revenues will be booked in the project or standard accounts, respectively in their  bonus and sales deduction discounts. The booking will be made for the entire document. 
Differentiated billing account With this option, the revenues of a document can be booked on to different accounts, according to the assignments of the respective articles.


Export type

Complete export Everything in time period. The complete export takes into account all documents with a "printed on" date  within the selected time span.

Differential export

Only not yet exported in time period. The differential export takes into account only documents with a "printed on" date  within the selected time span AND which have not been exported during an earlier run.



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