File attachments of the projects
The main modules > Projects > Projects detail view > File attachments of the projects

In the file attachments, various external documents can be saved to your project. This may have different documents and media data, e.g. PDF catalogs, video company presentations, emails, scanned documents and Web addresses.


In the file attachments, the following additional functions are available:

Add a new file attachment.
Delete marked file attachment.
Edit the text description of the selected file attachment.
Display the location in which the selected file attachment recorded.

A new file attachment can be added via the button or drag&drop.

In list view, all available file attachments of a project are displayed. An icon in the first column indicates the type of file attachment. The entries can be sorted by clicking the column headings.

File attachment of a project document

File attachment of a project document


An already created file attachment is opened by double-clicking on the file name / reference.