File attachments of articles
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In the file attachments additional materials can be added to an article, e.g. spec sheets, videos, audio files,...


File attachments of an article

File attachments of an article


For the administration of file attachments the following additional icons are provided in the ribbon bar:

Add a new file attachment. The Windows standard dialogue for opening a file is shown.
Delete the selected file attachment/s
Modify the description of the selected file attachment.
Opens the directory, where the selected file attachment is stored.

New file attachments can also be added by drag&drop.

With double click on a file attachment opens the file. With double click on the description of a file attachment a text field is opened for modification of the description.

File attachments are stored in the media path that is to configure in the global program settings. When no path is configured, the file attachments will be stored in a user directory.