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Measurement sheets contain evaluations of measurement data, service items and picture scripts for printing papers for production and technical data sheets.


Measurement sheet of a partlist

Measurement sheet of a partlist


The following functions are provided for measurement sheets in the icon bar:


Add a new measurement sheet
Delete the selected measurement sheet
Switch to measurement sheet designer mode
Release for all projects If this checkbox is activated, the measurement sheet can be used in all projects, even when no project item was entered by that partlist itself.


Changes to a measurment sheet can be made with direct modification or by using the tools of the designer. The deisgner mode can be opened by clicking the button of the icon bar. Besides the functions for formatting the output, also tools are provided behind the button to select placeholders and database fields and to load scripts, partlist functions and pictures. der Symbolleiste geöffnet werden.

Additionally a dialogue is available for the selection of control characters. This dialogue can be opened by clicking the button .

Possible control tags are:

Control Meaning
<Line> </Line>

Repeating section for each partlist of a project.

Parameter Meaning
Distinct="X" Merges all sections with the same partlist variable "X"
VarNotNull="X" Generates the line section only when the partlist variable "X" exists and it is not empty or zero.
ColumnNotNull="X" Generates the line section only when the partlist variable "Y" exists and it is not empty or zero.
Repeat="X" Generates the line section X-times. (e.g. for printing multiple equal labels per partlist) 
Supplies Modifies the output in that way that a line section is generated for articles that are no partlists (but accessories) 

<PrintArea> </PrintArea>

Generates a section if a test condition is true.

Parameter Meaning
TestColumn="X" Checks, whether column X is not empty or zero



Adds a row.

Parameter Meaning
Count="X" X=number of rows to be inserted


<DeleteRow> Deletes a row.

Repeats the section

Parameter Meaning
Count="X" X=number of repeats

<PageBreak> Adds a page break.


Measurement sheet editor

Measurement sheet editor


The possibilities for formatting tables and cells are mainly self-explanatory and respectively documented in the online help of the provider of the used plugin (ComponentOne Spread for WinForms by GrapeCity Inc.)