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The configuration of a workstation in the production planning is startet via the button  of the icon bar. The production planning assistant is opened, where the relevant settings can be made.


Name Protected input field Allocation of a unique name for the workstation. The field is active when a new system is created. As soon as a name has been assigned, the field is protected and must be unlocked for any changes by double-clicking on the field name.
Barcode Simple input field Definition of a unique barcode for scanning the PPS position. As identification features e.g. the project document number and project position number, or a combination of both can serve. All linked placeholders (with their English names) and fields that are written in curly brackets can be used. E.g.:{Project.document_number}{Project_item.number}
User Selection list Selection of a user when only he shall get access to the workstation.
Label + Printer Selection lists Selection of a label that shall be displayed/printed with the processing or completion of a PPS position + Selection of the printer where the label should be printed.
Measurement sheet + Printer Selection lists Selection of a measurement sheet that shall be displayed/printed with the processing or completion of a PPS position + Selection of the printer where the measurement sheet should be printed.
Date Selection list Selection of the date field to which the work step of the workstation is linked. If the date is set in this field in a project and the project has been marked as booked or reserved, the PPS positions are created for this date when the project is saved. If the date is later removed or the warehouse booking / reservation is canceled, the PPS items will also be removed (if they have not yet been processed).
Part list item Simple input field Entry of the part list item, which must be included in the PPS item, so that it is recorded by the workstation.
Amount Selection list

Definition of the number of the PPS positions

Project One PPS item per project is created.
Item One PPS item per project item is created.
Project item x (multiplied by) item amount The PPS items are created in the amount of the project items
Project item x (multiplied by) part list item amount The PPS items are created in the amount of the part list item amount of the project items, e.g. Number of profile bars of a shutter curtain -> Amount = 3 curtains in the project item * 37 bars per curtain = 111
No creation


Release without planning Checkbox If the checkbox is deactivated, every day plan must be approved by the production management, e.g. even after cutting optimization or employee assignment. If the check mark is set, the PPS positions will appear at the workstations even without completing the daily schedule.
Parent item Checkbox Selectable for number per "Item" and "Project item x item amount". For both options, both the item header data and the parts list values are available for evaluation. With a check mark in the checkbox, you decide to create the PPS items with only the item header data.
Linked with Selection list No function yet
Group Selection list If the workstation is to be released for a group of users, capacity planning / resource planning can be used to determine which employees are available in which group. The affiliation can vary depending on the day, so that jumpers are also taken into account and absenteeism due to vacation and illness can be compensated.
Minimum qualification Simple input field Entry of the minimum qualification that an employee needs to be assigned to the workstation / PPS position.
Sort settings List

Definition of the display and evaluation of individual values in the daily schedule and on the webpage of the workstation.

Name Input field Determination of the column name
Variable/field Input field Entry of the data field or the variable name whose value is to be displayed.
manual sort criteria Input field Entry of a "<" for descending and ">" for ascending sorting; without entry values are sorted ascending.
Sort Checkbox Determine whether the positions should be sorted or not.
Changeable Checkbox Determine whether a value of a PPS item should be changed or not. This is possible on the webpage of the workstation, if it's integrated there. In the daily schedule the value can be changed via the button .


Konfigurationsdetails einer Arbeitsstation

Konfigurationsdetails einer Arbeitsstation